Employee Appreciation Day

Need an idea for your next office party or staff appreciation event? How about an 80’s theme!?! You know your staff and friends can’t wait to pull out those parachute pants and leg warmers! Grab some MTV videos, the Rubiks Cubes, a Boom Box,  and some Neon decorations and you got yourself a party with all the SELFIE opportunities they can handle! Our Neon Hot Pink Chocolate fountain fondue is perfect for “Fun Dipping” Twinkies and Rainbow Fruit Kabobs (See the “Totally Righteous” mohawk fruit display by BottlePop Party CO… in the gallery…..“Sweet & Magical”) ….the possibilities are endless! So Spike up that hair, grab some lycra and ORDER TODAY! Our “Totally RAD” custom colored chocolate fountain fondue will be the talk of your party!

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